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About Dan

An early performance......
DAN CHRISTOPHER ...a grown man who makes a living by playing with dolls and talking to himself!

Dan Christopher, at the age of eight years, started to talk to himself. Not that that is unusual for a child of this age, but when he started to get responses, his parents became concerned. Being good parents, they sprang into action and, after finding out the cost of child psychiatry, sought a cheaper alternative and opted instead to give him a little ventriloquist dummy for Christmas that year.

By the time he was 11, Dan was a pro, complete with business cards and a little act, he performed at childrens' parties, banquets, fairs, etc. He charged five dollars a show. Now, some twenty-five+ years later, Dan is still talking to himself (only now, thank goodness, he's getting paid a lot more)!

Through the years, Dan has done it all - worked in Singapore, Malaysia, Las Vegas, on major cruise ships, in comedy clubs and for corporate events. Additionally, Dan and his puppet pals produce educational/entertainment programs for schools throughout the State of Florida which has garnered him high acclaim amongst educators. If that isn't enough, he also operates www.AlphaVoxAudio.com and Florida Magic & Sound Company, supplying variety entertainers with props, portable PA systems and other stuff they can use! Visit FloridaMagicandSound.com Web site 

Sooo, if you need a great specialty act for a Vegas style Production or Variety Show, or a fun, after dinner show for that next corporate banquet, call Dan! His cast of wacky characters has rocked many a room with laughter. Don't forget the kids - Dan has a special show just for them, loaded with funny friends, mysterious magic tricks and lots of laffs!  Click HERE for Family-Kidshows
Adults, kids or family audiences, when you need a funny act that you can count on - call Dan Christopher and his "friends"... you'll be glad you did!
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